Mitt Romney - Seriously Conflicted

February 6, 2020

Mitt Romney has a long history of flip flopping. Rather than being principled, Romney will blow in any direction he thinks will benefit him in a twisted logic that is difficult to understand.  His conduct became so transparent a web site was erected in his name to point it out (the original site is down but here it is in the internet archive) along with videos documenting the many faces of Romney.  And another site in which the first video does not load but many of the newscasts after do. Democrats now call Romney a hero, while Republicans, a traitor.

Neither is correct. Romney is simply a reflection of tactics he has observed in the Mormon Church and he is playing to an audience he imagines he has.

The Mormon religion was founded by a grifter and conman named
Joseph Smith, who was tarred and feathered at one point and finally shot dead. Spend a couple of hours reading about it and you will see the Mormon Church has more flips than a skateboarder and can change their tune on a dime to suit the political winds while protecting a cash cow that generates billions. Romney learned well, even the sanctimonious and sad looks.

The good news about all of this for the most lowly of Americans, you deplorables you, is that the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith is proof that any mortal can become a prophet of god and you do not have to have a higher education to do it. In fact being a conman and hustler may actually help you to understand how gullible or desperate for any semblance of guidance people are. The most educated among us have become such well trained lemmings through exposure to higher education they are conditioned to believe just about anything. All you have to do is follow Smith's example and you too can sock away billions for the end time.  Unfortunately Smith and his followers screwed up having a private collection of women to serve their most virulent sexual desires, but what the hell, you can't have everything. With the money your church makes maybe you can pull a Harvey Weinstein before me too blows that option up. OH WAIT.  FLIP FLOP UPDATE. Utah Senate committee unanimously approves bill to decriminalize polygamy! Now anyone can collect women like a Mormon!

The balance of this article is taken from an earlier piece I wrote several years ago.

Joe Smith was one of the first guys claiming Godlike status that was capable of being fully investigated by the media back in the days when reporters actually meant something and cared to dig up facts. Think about having Megyn Kelly around when Jesus reached puberty. She is busy trying to make a name for herself with Fox by Camel and what if she stumbles across Jesus having a more than intimate relationship with sheep? That's pretty much the end of Christianity unless one of the Wise Men gets to her boss Rogerio Ben Ailes and kills the story. Otherwise who is going to listen to a guy
with small hands Megyn Kelly exposed had an unusual attraction to sheep? He had better be really belligerent.

These newspapers reported Joseph Smith and his father were regarded as con men and people of seriously questionable moral character (See the Mormon Delusion down the page and links).
Joseph Smith followed around a traveling water diviner and treasure seeker (snake oil salesman with sticks to keep the load light for quick escapes) who hustled people for $3 to find them a well or look for buried treasure on their property. When the diviner fleeced all the suckers in town he left. Joseph Smith liked what he was doing and studied it closely so he could do it himself. In the movie "The Sting" they called ripping people off grifting. Joseph Smith ended up criminally charged for his actions and was sued by a number of people that included his future father in law whose daughter Emma he eloped with. Smith was charged with "glass gazing."

Joe and the hat trickSmith spun a tale about golden plates he was divinely guided to find but no one else could look at or they would die. (See the Rural Repository newspaper Vol. XIX., Hudson, N. Y., November 5, 1842, No. 11.) Eventually the plates flew back up to heaven! Smith interpreted the messages on the plates by putting some magic rocks in his hat and burying his face in his hat. WTF! So when his head was in his hat he became divinely inspired? I wonder if he buried his head in a horse's ass if he could talk to animals like Doctor Doolittle? Seer stone

In any case, he was run out of town eventually and then finally shot. Reading through LDS documents you see their modern day leaders putting a spin on the arrest background attributing Smith's problems to an errant youth and that he eventually woke up and straightened out. 
Golden Plates Model
The images to the right show the Church's official image of Smith's seer stone, the magic stone that went into his hat he buried his face in, and the next image is a mock up of the golden plates from the Church along with a picture of a vintage metal arch file from the same period used to file papers I found on the web. I guess God shopped at a stationery supply store to make a file to hold all those plates.

Now here are a few more things of great interest. One is the fact that it came upon him that he should have multiple wives apparently starting with a young girl he took a liking to, even if they were married to someone else. Wow, that sounds familiar.  It looks like Warren Jeffs, another Mormon
who is doing life plus twenty in a federal penitentiary for child sexual assault, took his cues from Smith too. I would throw in another Jeff - Epstein, but he used underage girls as bait in a scheme to compromise gentiles whose zipper got caught in their brain matter.  Former President Bill Clinton for example.  So Smith cooked up a scheme to take these women and make them his wives and of course if anyone objected they would be banished from his church. 

Secondly, blacks were prevented from achieving the highest levels in the Mormon Church and interracial marriage was discouraged. Since Trump's enemies on both sides of the aisle thought it appropriate to talk about the possibility he might have a small penis (indicated by the size of his hands), it is a valid discussion for Romney who straddles both sides of the aisle, and his Mormon henchmen. Perhaps Joseph Smith had small hands and so of course Smith would ban black men from being prominent in his magic church just in case a bunch of the big handed black studs (sorry, previously identified by Mormon Elders as
members of a lower class) got in among all those Mormon women. After all, if the myths are true, black men have really big hands and could easily handle all 10, 20 or 30 of their wives non stop, with the only problem being their scheduling, stamina or both. Myth has it they also like big butts, so no one would be left out. Remember Viagra was not invented yet and I am not sure if worn down big hands grow back like a beaver's teeth. Word is at one time Dennis Rodman would have been up for it along with half of the NBA.

So the Church elders liked to collect women, and make them subservient to their husbands, which seems eerily similar to the control Muslims like to have over their women. What is it with these guys? Are women some kind of currency these limp dicked little weasels have to hoard and dress up in the worst possible clothing so they don't attract attention. Or are Mormon women really so promiscuous they have to be dressed in potato sacks and herded like goats for their husbands? Maybe someone should consider holding Spring Break in Utah.

Look at these three pictures and what do you see? You see the chattels all dressed up pretty much the same with every lord and master.
Maybe Jeffs made them wear glow in the dark blouses so he didn't need to light a candle to figure out his next tryst.  Mitt has his collection in matching checked shirts for the boys and pretty matching dresses for the girls. In another picture they are dressed up the same in a different color So much for freedom of thought Mitt.

In any case, the church ended up having to ban polygamy and if you read through Church member's blogs you see a real effort to claim that was in the past, the Church changed, women were independent and free, and Warren Jeffs is not part of the Church, but some radical break away group. That in spite of the fact that he and others were adhering to Joseph Smith's divine revelations on polygamy. The ban came only when pressured by the law.  They also had to allow blacks in, but not until the end of the 70's. If you read their con about it, the Elders all prayed and thought on it and eventually God revealed to them they should do so. I guess getting their asses sued off and facing jail time had nothing to do with the flip becoming a flop. But it needs to be asked, - when does the action of a state override the alleged word of God to true believers?  The flop here.  

So Mitt has a good history of understanding the grift, and the flip flop, since his Mormon background would have surely taught him all of these things very well, or at the very least that people will believe anything repeated often enough and with the suggestion of authority, moral or otherwise. Romney has obviously learned a good story is critical, along with
sad eyes and his claims of a so called moral dilemma.

At one time Mitt was an independent, then a Democrat challenging incumbent U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, who was seeking re-election for the sixth time and finally a Republican. Romney has had so many flip flops like I said, he has a flipflop website named after him. When he was a Democrat he thought allowing abortions in certain circumstances was OK, and he favored some form of universal health care. Flop, now he is against these things. So just like Joseph Smith, Mitt has learned to flip until he is caught and then he flops. But at least Mitt still matches his wives' and kids' clothes. Some things never change.

Next read Romney's bio in Wikipedia. It has been bleached squeaky clean. If he has a wart he talks about it. If you are going to lay a grift, you had better be clean. Romney has been polished so many times I am surprised he has any skin left.
Mitt, tell your kids they can think for themselves and don't have to wear the shirts.

First the RNC and now the Dems are using Romney to condemn Trump. If Jesus had been documented by a Megyn Kelly I am sure the questions about him would swirl to this day.
It is possible Joe Smith became divinely inspired, but the hat, the magic stones, the gold plates that flew off to heaven, the flip flops on polygamy and blacks, have the earmarks of one big con. The only certainty however is that Mormonism seems to be one heck of a business and that will keep it going for a long time unless the sleep wears off. The Mormons made their own bed, and until they can burn all the history books, they are stuck with a spiritual leader who drew his inspiration from having his face in his hat. Maybe the flock should read Hans Christian Anderson.

So when you read my concerns about the government getting your data for behavior control and propaganda, and look at the magic stones in the hat trick, it should at least wake you up to the possibility you really need to protect yourself from those in authority or high visibility having the ability to brainwash you with phony tales and phony credibility plays.