Real Treason In America Revised 8/12/2018


The benefit of hindsight is the fact that you get to learn more about events after they occur than you ever will trying to anticipate what they will look like in advance of their happening. One such event was the 2016 election. It was a disruptive event that will have continuing fallout.

It started with the fact that no one expected Trump to win. When he did win, the reaction appears to be one of launching a scorched earth policy to defeat his Presidency. Doing so may be part of an effort to imply things should have been left as they were even though the facts counter that suggestion.  Regardless, it is now a wildfire that will alter the landscape in unexpected ways:

How the 2016 Election Disruption Started

Bad Analysis

One explanation for the start of the disruption was self delusion. All of the pundits using polling and forward looking predictive analysis missed a few things. One was the fact that historical data analysis of past Presidential elections suggested the Democrats would lose. Professor Allan J. Lichtman from American University months before the election said historical data indicated the Democrats would lose the election. Lichtman said historical data analysis predicted every Presidential election since 1860, which is described in a book on the methodology titled “Predicting the Next President: The Keys to the White House 2016.

Using statistical analysis of past events should be far more reliable in normal circumstances than polling and forward looking predictive analysis of the type that completely missed the 2016 election. At least part of the problem comes from the fact that all of the factors to consider are on the table and have been previously analyzed and dissected using 20/20 hindsight, whereas events change frequently in forward looking analysis. Assumptions are not the same as what can be observed with a rearward look. One of the most profitable industries in the world, life insurance, was built on statistical analysis of past events (actuarial science), and if anything should convince you how important that is, just think of all of the insurance company investors putting billions of dollars at risk covering the lives of millions of people without it.

Look at the 13 keys cited in the data model link above as being essential to being elected in a presidential election, and answer the keys from a
2016 perspective. With that criteria it is clear the Democrats lost the election because of their own failures, and not because of Russian interference or Trump's brilliance. Trump of course would dispute the part about his brilliance. I am not sure anyone seriously considered rearward analysis, or if they did hubris encouraged them to ignore it. 

Ignoring the Real World

A second, and far more damaging reason for the disruption is the idea among party officials and their wealthy donors that they can ignore the state of average American's lives. If you study it very carefully, no matter how much the media tries to cover it up, the majority of people in the US and around the world are in deep trouble. Technology and artificial intelligence are taking their jobs and destabilizing their futures, and their kids are getting poor educations and are on electronic drugs - their cell phones and social media. And no one has any idea how to help them.  Even worse, rather than try, businesses just want to bring a new crop of wide eyed and hopeful suckers they can put through the grist mill until they are burned up too.  Its called immigration, and the stories I have written about it, using the liars and hypocrites' own information to prove it, says it all.  It does not matter who wins the mid terms and next election, if someone does not take real steps to address income inequality and earning a living in meaningful ways in the future, no amount of lying and BS can cover it up, and the public knows that too.

Another contributing factor to citizens' economic condition is out of balance capitalism. Think of it as a fight between an experienced MMA fighter and a 12 year old child who has never been in a fight before. The child will be destroyed. That is an appropriate description of the battle between accumulated capital and a public that has little or no idea about the impact of the concentration of capital in the hands of a few, and elected officials so few in number they are easily bought and paid for and have no incentive to provide oversight.  Those elected have been repeatedly shown they will put their self-interest ahead of all else, a problem has gone on for a long time with all political parties. And the public knows that too.

Failure to Listen to All Voters

I worked with a casino operator in Europe for more than a year on a gaming project and happened to be in one of their 4,000 seat bingo halls when a lady won. I said quick, get her picture.  The executives I was with said "typical American cowboy." We had a good relationship. One of the guys had a glass eye and drove so fast in turning circles in Europe while looking over his shoulder talking to me I thought he would kill us all, but I shut up because I did not want to offend him and had no idea which eye was glass.

But back to the story, the executives said "don't look at her, look at all of the people who lost" which I did and you could see the disappointment in their faces. The executives said their business is not about the winners, who are already taken care of, but about helping the losers who that day may have spent their entire week's grocery money trying to get a little financial relief in the only place they thought they might have a chance.  Trump owned casinos and he had to see that sense of desperation and loss first hand.  The hustle cash strapped states try to pull off is that gambling is entertainment.  Baloney, its a regressive form of taxation that applies to the desperate. Another way to look at it, sit in front of a television watching your favorite music video while burning dollar bills in an ashtray. Entertainment and financial loss at the same time.  Yahoo.

Indoctrination is Not The Same As Belief

Another delusion is the fact that sleight of hand propaganda can be used to trick voters into voting a particular way, like advertising.  The only problem is eventually the people come out of the stupor.  Propaganda will not fill their freezers with food, put gas in the car, an extra thousand dollars in a bank account.  It will not lower mortgage rates or pay them off, protect you from predatory lenders, and it will not erase the obvious vision of a biased news media or politicians lying for years about things they say they will do and they don't.  Propaganda will not make an employer with plants offshore, money in tax havens, and hiring replacement workers a decent company.  They have become a means to an end and not an entity to trust or bet you and your families life on. Propaganda will not sell an immigration policy that a party declares letting in illegal immigrants is a good way to rig votes in their favor, and propaganda cannot sell the idea that Americans owe any allegiance to corporations that say immigration polices should benefit American companies and not be restricted so that American worker's wages go up.

In fact the only thing using propaganda does in these circumstances is enable it to be turned against its purveyors to expose and damage them.

The Benefits of the 2016 Election Disruption

The 2016 propaganda firestorm offers a significant opportunity to bring in the narrative that could have been left off the table.  These points include:

The idea that America's electoral process is under attack by Russia. The fact is every state that does not play ball with the way America dictates is attacked and destroyed.  How that plays out is described in the links below. Russia and the United States have been playing this same game for years as documented. The US is up by a more than two to one if we are keeping score. The difference is Trump has needed to ratchet the game up to throw a wrench in the collusion story. Either way, war mongers and weapons makers win, the public loses.

The idea that the intelligence agencies work for American citizens. One thing that occurred to me is a comparison between corporations running a business when a key figure in their ranks is caught up in unacceptable behavior, and the FBI.  Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein as only two out of a growing list of figures were quickly removed by companies sensitive to their relationship with their customers to clearly demonstrate to their customers, the public, that the company does not condone such behavior. These companies did that because they understand the damage it does to their reputation and trust with the public if they do not. Reputation and trust are balance sheet items that are critical to their companies' future.

The intelligence agencies are clearly not in tune with that metric, which tells you something about them everyone should consider. They have been feeding at the public trough for so long they think they cannot be fired for one thing. Another, is that they simply do not have a balance sheet approach to public trust. They behave like they are gods or absolute authorities whose position is unassailable. In addition, they pout and throw tantrums when they are criticized.  Look at Strzok before the House Committee, and Comey. Compare their behavior to that of ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. No matter what the reason, fair or not fair, he simply left and kept his feelings to himself.  There was no pouting or whining. 

Beaurecrats and government employees all react with some kind of entitlement whine when confronted. This may come from years of unionization in which seniority overrides performance measurement. As stated, their behavior implies they are not accountable to anyone, which is supported by the fact that we can't look at the books and records, their conversations or their behavior. To allow a strutting biased fool like Peter Strzok who simply brushed off cheating on his wife and moved on reflects badly on the FBI, not Strzok.  Allowing them to continue operating like they do reflects badly on their overseers.  Collectively they are dangerous to freedom and the republic.

Research the Links

What is at stake for the pundits pushing the Russia narrative is an opportunity to free ride on the coattails of worked up Democratic supporters in order to fan the flames of an enemies at the gate narrative. This narrative helps to maintain a list of enemies that the United States' intelligence and military apparatus need to propagandize American citizens into spending trillions of their tax dollars fighting unnecessary wars. Blowing up one bomb is like evaporating hundreds and hundreds of new cars at a time, or wiping out full coverage health care for a thousand people for a year.  Whatever the actual numbers are can be calculated, feel free to do so. It looks like a scheme to me, but please do not take my word for it, in this day and age of accusing anyone who questions any narrative we are being sold as a faker or liar, simply do your own research and come up with a different conclusion if you can. If you really want to help America, convert half the military budget to educating existing Americans and you will go a long way to making America the great nation it should be.

The links below are a good place to start. Doing additional searches on your own will reveal thousands of links to articles and information to read through. Rather than fake news, a great many of them supply facts and opinions from people who have legitimate information to disclose and are concerned about the direction our nations are being taken.
To suggest hundreds of billions of dollars annually being spent on military adventurism keeping bases around the world and blowing up weapons as if they are a consumable like milk and bread makes sense is the largest con game ever played on humanity.  The concern about this out of control spending is legitimate especially if all of the predictions that say most people's jobs
in the near future will be displaced by technology and they will need some sort of handout to live. Aristotle's thinking on that idea becomes suddenly prescient:

"It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion." - Aristotle in Politics (J. Sinclair translation, pg. 226, 1962)

The benefit of such an investment in time on your part is that you begin to discover the tentacles of manipulation going on in society to get you to do things that support a dangerous narrative.  It is only a matter of time that a foreign state powerful enough to do so will refuse to put up with such behavior and engage in a real war. Think of it from a personal perspective, which is simply how long you would let an abusive neighbor damage your property, threaten you and your family before a line is crossed. 

The fact that anyone supports this nonsense lends it credibility. However there are only four kinds of people that support provable lies. Those that are completely unaware of the facts, those that profit from the lies directly such as the military industrial complex that profits from making weapons, those that profit from the lies indirectly because their jobs depend on it, which includes military contractors, think tanks that tailor the story to match the military objectives and propaganda the public sees, people in the military services because they need the jobs and benefits, and those that support the lies because they have serious mental health issues of some kind.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair

Russia and China are portrayed as threatening US security. Two things undermine the narrative. The first is this current 2017 chart of US military spending, which includes 800 military bases around the worldThat budget has recently increased and the public must believe they are helpless to do something about it. 
US Military Spending 2017

Unless the Unites States is a country that builds weapons like Russia builds cars, the level of spending on defense makes the propaganda of foreign wars with mainland USA look like nonsense. US military spending is the largest continuing fraud ever perpetrated on a nation and is simply military imperialism as reading through the links and links within the links will show.

The second thing that undermines the narrative is the constant lying to the public and hiding the truth with continuing waves of misinformation US leaders have historically engaged in. I am not sure why it has to be that way. I suppose the idea that a free state is really not what recent leaders believe in.

“the worst part about being lied to is knowing you weren’t worth the truth” -  Jean-Paul Sartre

American predative capitalism and militarism are about money and population control period. In the Middle East it is about oil and gas and the activities they finance. I could summarize it, but unless you immerse yourself in the details you may not be motivated to do anything about it. From the front page of News You Can Use as well as as the hundreds of links below, information in this long read will get you started on a journey to increase your knowledge: 
Do a Startpage search “what is war in the middle east about” and you will get a fluctuating number of around 40 million results.  Unlike reading a textbook, which is a carefully curated presentation of what are described as facts, reading through hundreds of links on the subject will get you more fact, opinion, experiences and knowledge of human struggle than you could ever get otherwise. And while you are being told that most of the information on the internet is fake, it is not. Not 40 million entries. In addition, there is nothing stopping you from contacting people in these regions and corresponding with them directly, unfiltered by official sources, which in many cases are the real lies and misinformation. If that is impossible, information organizations like need to bridge the gap and create infrastructure so that you are able to correspond directly with citizens in these zones, and not through spyware like Facebook. These conversations should also be personal and private to avoid their being turned into trolling.

The initial front page links below have been incorporated into this section. However, there are hundreds of links below and with the links internal to each linked document surely there are thousands. I started suffering from search fatigue there is so much to study and learn. Please keep doing so on your own. Pretty soon it will become clear just how much misinformation and lies we are all being told, all for the purpose of making a profit and controlling resistance. None of it supports the US benevolence story. 

What is also interesting to consider is the behavior of the people participating in these schemes. It is necessary to ask yourself a lot of questions as to why they are doing it.  What about the innocent people hurt in the process? How can they justify their actions? Rather than looking for a pat answer, try to understand the behavioral condition permitting it, and what can you do personally about dealing with such behavior. It may well exist in a lot of situations and is a useful skill to acquire. The lessons are priceless.

Intervention In Foreign Elections - Russians Are Amateurs
Given US Military Presence And Use of Force, They Are Also Far Less Dangerous

There is far more information in The Links Knowledgebase section below.

Adopting Knowhow and Tactics From The Worst of Humanity

Deceiving The Public

To the right is Figure P-1 from that manual, STP 33-3711-OFS Officer Foundation Standards II Disciplines Psychological Operations (37A) Officer's Manual describing "Useful academic disciplines" military officers infiltrating news organizations should have among other things. Did not get to the part yet about drugging unsuspecting people to control their minds, selling illegal drugs and guns to fund off the book operations, bribing and murdering foreign politicians and covertly destroying the elections of foreign nations. I must be a slow reader. And oh yeah, the part about working with Nazis. Hoover took care of the part about working with the mafia. Hoover provided material to a relative of mine for me on behavior change and behavior control that was not seen before. When you have 900 bases around the world and are actively disrupting the entire face of the earth you have to be able to advance the craft. Brainwashing only goes so far, Disruption for Dummies and Grunts manuals are needed. Delegation is a bitch because there are always leaks.

The Links Knowledgebase

Below are numerous links which indicate among other things various US administrations have persistently been involved in the use of lies used to justify US policies that advance the interests of a small number of corrupt individuals buying politicians for their own gain and influence. The link list is not complete, but it is enough to get you started on investigating the information in greater detail on your own.

Educated citizens are a serious impediment to the 1% taking full control of fragile republics. The links below are intended for you to educate yourself on what is a pattern of unacceptable behavior.

Pretexts and Lies Used to Destroy Sovereign
Nations, Murder Innocent People, Lie to Citizens

The following section provides links to news stories, Freedom of Information Act releases and other documentation reporting on government and government agency malfeasance from the highest level going back more than 60 years. The list of articles is the tip of the iceberg; a person could spend years digging up this information.  The one thing that is clear from just what is listed is that corruption and evil grow over many years eventually eating away the core of the state, until it is accepted as a normal way of doing things.

Government Tyranny Links

Lying to and Neutralizing Citizens Links

Political Bribery and Corruption Links

The Cost of War and Who Profits

Corporate Manipulation, Fraud, & Tactics Links