Obama Is Nixon


Update May 15* Updated May 13, 2022

In the partisan cesspool (swamp is too nice, ducks and birds can live in swamps) of Washington its important to remove illegitimate politicization of things that otherwise would be more straightforward. I spotted the FBI and intelligence agency moves to destroy the presidency almost immediately in 2016, which I discussed in various articles about it when I started paying attention to what was going on.
There are hundreds of articles, studies, court cases and historical evidence exposing how corrupt the collective intelligence agencies are.  I have included links to some of it in the pages of this site if you look. Best to fully research it yourself. 

A really good question comes up.  In 2016 no one had any idea of the type of presidency Donald Trump would have, so why go to the lengths to effectively overthrow the government starting even before he was elected. Read it again - before he was elected! What was the goal? Was there some military operation of some kind, or a globalization initiative based on the TPP?  Why would Obama try to sink a government and as we our now learning, destroy his own legacy if he was caught, while knowing his own policies were despised? And why is the intelligence community so heavily invested in this? And why, when the Obama's CIA had evidence that Russia preferred Hillary Clinton to win, as newly released classified documents reveal, wouldFlushing Out The Rats John Brennan deliberately hide that information from the public? 

Think of it this way.  How is it possible years in advance to determine what someone who had never set foot in public office would do?  Maybe ask Nostradamus, Jean Dixon, a Ouija board, the Farmers Almanac, the Tarot deck?  But that's about it.  No, there is something being hidden, and it is easy to make up things after the fact when you have operational activity to study, but Trump had zero, nada, no government operational experience at all, to draw on, so what was the Washington cabal trying to protect?  John Hanam, of
Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government, which I discuss below, may explain it.  Lee Kuan Yew took everything away from the existing establishment so he alone could decide what was corrupt and what was not.  And if you had money or resources you could not explain anywhere in the world, you were presumed guilty and the onus was on you to prove your innocence.  Call it third party, arms length supervision of a den of vipers.  There is no way at all to explain the effort to get Trump starting in 2016 unless it is fear that an outsider would screw up the rigged system and shoot his mouth off.

This video from the debates before Trump was elected explains what is going on with absolute clarity because it shows Trump was willing to expose the lies about America's "holy" wars, confirming the attack on Iraq was based on absolute lies, and his telling the truth about illegal immigration, the trading of jobs for profit, the fraud of globalization and and its destruction of American jobs. If American businesses are operating in foreign countries out of greed and once caught, as they now are because of Covid, the military has no excuse to manufacture a military lie about American interests abroad when those very interests are proven completely suspect and wholly damaging to the American people.  America is self sufficient in oil and gas and needs the middle east like it needs two heads. If the middle east wants to self liquidate, sell them weapons so they can finish the job themselves.

The resistance to Trump is like you, me and some friends we trust being elected to the most powerful position in the nation and being able to throw aside all the fraudulent covers the thugs hide behind so we can look at files the Congress and the Senate are hiding about sexual abuse of staffers, doing a complete forensic audit of the Pentagon, being able to read the classified email of the rotten and corrupt intelligence community, and clean house at numerous departments staffed by people that have no reason being there, plus having the discretion to declassify and expose all of it

And just to add fuel to the fire, Katherine Gun, a staff member of GHCQ, Britain's version of the CIA, NSA, while on the job at GHCQ headquarters, read a message in which America's intelligence agencies were spying on members of the United Nations Security council so George Bush's Republican government could rig the vote to start an illegal war in Iraq which murdered 288,000 people, including American soldiers that died. And it was Colin Powell who lied to the UN. Being black does not mean being honest. Sorry to put it so bluntly. And there were no and never were any weapons of mass destruction.  Katherine Gun talks about it further here.  And if you want to understand the constant attacks on Trump to get what is going on, research it by searching her name and then for fun watch the movie Official Secrets, which explains what the government tries to do to people that expose their schemes.  Its on Amazon Prime and coming to Netflix and Vudu.

Then of course you can watch BBC Timewatch - The Secret File On J Edgar Hoover (video 47 minutes) to explain FBI history under Hoover. What is important to note is what an agency with no supervision and the ability to spy on everyone can get away with.

It is critically important that a lie never gets exposed because it destabilizes the process by which the rigged system can work. The people of the nation have to be controlled, so they will belittle you, question your education, call you names intended to make you smaller or unimportant, tell you they hate you like Howard Stern, lie about everything, exert power over you like the Governors are doing, whatever it takes.  We are in the whatever it takes stage.

So you have to say one thing, lie to the polls, and when you get a mail in ballot, immediately go to a neighbors to see if it is exactly the same or different in any way from the one that they received.  If it is, trade it with the neighbor. How you vote is supposed to be secret and private, but there are a lot of ways to reveal who got a mailer, especially when they are personally addressed.  Regardless, even then you can apparently defraud them.

And be sure this site is not about being Republican or Democratic, its about you and your rights, and short of civil war, its about how to fight back.  The conniving snakes in the Senate just voted to let the government keep surveilling your online life without a warrant, and the Republicans were on board with the Democrats. Bernie did not even show up to vote.  Some much for brothers and sisters Bernie you putz. You have no friends in government.

The FBI incorporated a modus operandi for lying and criminal behavior at least as far back as when J. Edgar Hoover paved the way. Hoover built one of slickest shakedown operations in the world, all while posing as a legitimate operation. The day to day FBI members are likely honest and hard working people, but those that pull the strings are not and have damaged public trust in the entire organization. First things first.

There is a problem of prosecutorial misconduct in the United States, which is covered below. Lee Kuan Yew, and the Prime Minister of
Singapore, did not trust the legal system he inherited when elected, and with people he trusted, took all reporting of major crime directly to him first, before it hit the legal and policing system to review. Lee asked John Hanam to become the founding director of the Central Narcotics Bureau, to follow the trail of illicit funds using the Prevention of Corruption Act, which among other things states:

"the burden of proof on an accused to show that they acquired their wealth legally and any unexplained wealth disproportionate to known sources of income is presumed to be from graft and can be confiscated. The Prevention of Corruption Act provides for extra-territorial jurisdiction, so that the actions of Singaporean citizens and corporations overseas are treated the same as actions committed in Singapore, regardless of whether such corrupt acts have consequences for Singapore.”

John Hanam explained Lee's thinking on this to me personally. Once corruption of any kind has infiltrated the courts and legal system it does not matter what the source of funding or exchange of influence is, the courts are finished.  Look carefully and you will see the legal system and the intelligence community want no outside scrutiny of their behavior, when in fact they badly need careful public scrutiny by arms length third parties. The results of Lee supervising Singapore's legal system speak for themselves. Singapore is ranked 4th in the world as the least corrupt nation in the 2019 Corruption Perception Index, while the United States is ranked 23rd.

You should research the subject in detail to understand it. If you don't take the time to dig up the facts and study them, you are in no position to claim fake news or believe anyone bleating like sheep about fake news. The only person faking you out will be you. It would be a real shame to allow thieves, liars and crooks to screw up one the greatest systems of governance in the world because you can't be bothered to understand and fix it and would rather listen to the BS that comes out of the news media, the intelligence community and politicians.

Once you bring yourself up to speed on how certain people in America can destroy governments they don't like, which they do all over the world, you will pick up some insight on the tactics used to destroy Trump along with your rights and independence in America. I wrote a piece the other day about your Constitutional rights, so that you are not completely fearful after figuring out what is going on. The ultimate solution could end up being ugly, but thats life.

If there were such thing as a God getting involved in government design, he/she/it was sitting beside the colonists and the founders when they birthed America, and you are the succeeding generations of its children. Those that would try to steal your birthright are the ravening wolves in sheep's clothing.  I think it was Jefferson that said you had to let the wolves know from time to time that you were armed and will resist the attempts to take your freedom and liberty.  If you want a real mission from God, its protecting the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  That's not crazy, racist, homophobic, or whatever other names they would like to call it.  They are the documents the parents of your nation offered to future generations providing instructions on how to keep the family birthright intact. Unlike religions, where it is tough to put together the original paperwork, your birthright is well documented with lots of witnesses. Nothing is hidden, no holy water, skies opening up, walking on water, Aramaic, Hebrew or Latin to wade through or anything else, just plain old English that you can figure it out with a few weeks of reading and studying.  You can even see the original documents preserved first hand if you want to.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Simply telling you something is not enough in a period in which corrupt people will try to spin the facts to support a lie, so below is a brief summary of prosecutorial misconduct to provide an overview, a few articles to get you started on researching it, and then a couple of search engine searches looking for information describing everything you might want to learn about prosecutorial misconduct and related subjects listed below. 

Prosecutorial misconduct is what happens when prosecutors hide or suppress evidence to convict someone. An explanation of the term can be found here.

Another component of prosecutorial misconduct is forcing, tricking or trapping someone to enter into an agreement that is not in their interests.  To increase leverage over an intended target officials can use these tactics to get a target to agree to a something they would not typically agree to, especially without proper advice.  Forcing, tricking or trapping someone to enter into an agreement that is not in their interests is called an "unconscionable" deal, which is explained in this link. This site offers examples of these deals.  If you have have ever been in an ugly divorce and the other side brings up lies and bullshit to shake you down to get you to settle, like accusing you of abusing your children, bullying, eh Brad Pitt, you are already aware of unconscionable deals.

A third component of this corrupt process includes judicial corruption.  I have not done a significant amount of research on judicial corruption, although to start you off is a linked article on it from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The Yale Law Journal also published an article "Corruption In Our Courts" which lays out the framework to detect and understand it. 
Many of the players involved in the legal community know each other.  They may have gone to the same schools, traveled in the same social circles, and are part of a network bound by political ideals, party affiliation, or some organization. In such circumstances, the opportunity for compromise is significant.

This next site explains in simple terms why judicial corruption is so hard to detect and supervise.  This article from Counterpunch explains why judicial corruption is nearly invisible.  Think of it as kicking your boss in the ass and then holding you hand out for a check on payday. I did a quick search on Google and it gave me this result (About 52,500,000 results (0.40 seconds)) just in case you are tempted to believe the CNN tooth fairy that our system is honest.

I doubt anyone doing serious reading on the subject could come away with anything less than complete anger that our kids are going to grow up in this cesspool and we are expected to do nothing about it. Something this broken has been in development for many many years, the bad behavior is deeply entrenched, and it will not be easily remedied.
Prosecutorial misconduct unchecked is something like gangrene, it rots in the body. You can educate yourself about that rot. If you do not, you will remain in the dark about how things work unfortunately.

Other types of
misconduct that can occur, are similar to extortion. For example, lets say the government has an opportunity to potentially charge you or your business for some crime. The charges immediately trigger legal costs which depending on the matter, can amount to thousands or millions of dollars.  There are many ways to handle this situation, depending on the circumstances.  One is to fight it all the ways through the courts, which could be hugely expensive with no assurance of the outcome, another is to make a deal with the prosecutor to reduce costs in case you lose, and to shorten the penalties.  That could involve helping the prosecutor charge another party, make some sort of a bargain on a plea for a lesser charge and so on.  In some cases you can plead out without admitting liability and pay a fine, which is something like paying for a license as part of the cost of the cost of doing business.  A good example of that type of case is the one where the company helping the maker of opioids that killed millions of Americans got away with a fine, did not admit liability, and left some of the gang members out of the plea. 

If you or the company are innocent and are forced to plead and pay a fine because it is cheaper, or far more likely, you have no money to fight the matter, it is extortion. If you are guilty and pleading out with a fine is a cheaper way out, then the government effectively becomes your partner, benefiting from the proceeds of your crime.  Nice system.

The legal system has become a kind of horse trading market. Both sides enter the market with opposing positions, and the outcome largely depends not only on your cash in your pocket, but also who has the best information, the prosecutor or the defense, and who has the most effective presentation of the information or evidence.  Although both sides are supposed to see the information being presented, withholding information that is important can dramatically affect the outcome.

Occasionally the horse trading is clear for all to see. Take the case of the alleged billionaire with no visible means of generating his money, Jeffrey Epstein.  Epstein with the assistance of Ghislaine Maxwell and others, lured underage girls into his lifestyle to sexually abuse them and parade them in front of his friends at the highest levels of society.  Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were frequent guests of Epstein.  Because of the number of high profile people involved and the risk to careers of being accused of the the exploitation of minor girls, the case has largely disappeared, but from the beginning Epstein's legal team was able to assemble a slap on the wrist type of penalty for his crimes.  This made a fraud and mockery of justice for those that were abused and provided an insurance policy for those who may have benefited from participation in Epstein's lifestyle in any way.

For lesser peons, depending on the circumstances the prosecutor and defense can trade the people accused of a crime like cards in a baseball set. For the prosecutors and defense counsel involved it could be compared to score keeping in sports, although in some cases the accused can be inveigled into paying the lawyer for their defense and the lawyer may or may not pay off the prosecutor and the judges. I wrote at length about it here. In situations where there is a lot of money at stake for criminal activities like drugs, the entire system can become corrupt, from the police to the highest level of the courts.

Here are a few links to start your investigation:
When you go through the links above, if you don't like my searches, do your own. I searched for "prosecutorial misconduct."  Lots of variations on the search question will turn up additional information. When you do a simple search, and the search results come up, start reading the short descriptions of each result.  They will contain words, phrases, perhaps cases, which give you even more clues about what to look for. Each search refines the search for more searches and information.  Look for the articles and read them, they will provide even more clues to search.  And unlike a biased news person, perhaps controlled by an editor, or an opinionated professor biased by a political affiliation or questionable beliefs, the more searches you have in front of you, the more your information base expands. Alternate search engines like Quant, Yandex, swisscows and others will also give additional and also different results.  Bookmark everything and categorize it.  That way you can go back and look it up.

Capitalize on your brain's nearly invisible ability to sort and combine information looking for patterns and connections. Think of it this way. You are making a huge salad for 20 people. You cut all of the individual ingredients into the bowl.  But they are all separate. Now you need to shake the bowl. Your brain is a bowl shaker. It can combine and sort all of the separate information and looks for patterns. It is a memory bowl you can never fill up. The more you read, watch, listen and learn, the bigger the salad. Every once in a while the brain lights up, your chest beats a little faster and in a flash of clarity you get an "AHA" moment. Patterns have emerged and understanding pops up. A "flash" of insight.

The Google Scholar search turned up 27,200 scholarly articles on corrupt prosecutorial conduct
when I did it the other day.  Hundreds if not thousands of innocent people have been jailed, families destroyed, and millions of dollars of wealth have disappeared because of it.  It is a national travesty to honest people.  Those who care about the nation and those injured by the problem are sure to write about it. 

It dawned on me this morning that the next propaganda storm will be telling the lay public (that's you and me and everyone not "trained" in the art of understanding the words of experts) is not educated enough to understand these documents and that we need an interpreter so we get the proper understanding. That is BS for don't dare think and learn, trust us to tell you what to think so we can spin it or try to discredit it if it supports an outcome we don't like. Anyhow I digress.

The Noise About Barr, Flynn the DOJ

If you have taken the time to read through the links above and found additional information from own from your own searches, you start to get a perspective on the propaganda flying around right now about the charges being dropped against Flynn.  The claim is that it is a political favor by Barr for Trump. But given the fact that the Russia Collusion accusations were a well crafted lie that cost millions and took years to expose, and the effort by Schiff to hide the interviews with people that said there was no evidence of collusion, then you have to wonder what the big deal about Flynn is and here too.

And just in case you are tempted to think the people that have been running things for the past 100 years are angels from heaven basking in glorious mysterious light from the host of hosts, here is a little real sunlight on the hyenas from hell whose only actions are motivated by power, greed and profit, and who could care less about you as an American citizen, and clearly not one other person in the world. Read the articles in this link, it may take a day or so, and you will be in a much better position to see what is happening.

The noise about Russia is all a bullshit movie that can be conveniently played to rout a bigmouth who exposes the game.

A Curious Thing About Flynn's Lawyers

Covington & Burling LLP initially represented Flynn. VICE News ran the story Eric Holder's Corporate Law Firm Is Turning Into a 'Shadow Justice Department'.  In their article the "Injustice of Eric Holder" the Heritage Foundation laments when researching their book “Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department,” they were shocked at the extent to which Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. has politicized the Justice Department and put the interests of left-wing ideology and his political party ahead of the fair and impartial administration of justice. 

Eric Holder's handling of the Ted Stevens case points to hypocrisy in Obama's criticism of Flynn case. I think it kicks the legs out from under Obama trying to undermine the investigation of all of the parties involved in the entire Russia hoax to cover his own ass.

A darn good question is why Flynn would use
Covington & Burling to to represent him knowing the way they operated.  Clearly misplaced trust, as the next links show:

Obama Is Nixon

wiretapWhen Obama won the US presidency I was elated.  I thought the US has finally thrown off collective racism and become whole.  I won't spend time assessing his Presidency, historians can write that story, but I will say the entire affair with spying on Trump has put Obama in the same position Nixon was in with Watergate.  My grandkids may be unhappy about throwing Obama under the bus, but he did it to himself. 

Not that its any consolation, but some of the nicest black men turned out to be assholes.  Color is no vaccine against the corrupting influence of power. Look at Bill Cosby. I still can't figure out why America's dad would need Quaalude's to seduce women.  Maybe he played the nice guy so long he could not lose character long enough to be a locker room pig.  Then there is Colin Powell, lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.
  Powell's lie has cost 288,000 lives so far.  Plus Powell's squeaky clean image is further tarnished by his attraction to blonds.

do Obama, Rice, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Eric Holder, Comey et. al. badly need propaganda to change the direction the finger is pointing:

Its Way More Than A Matter of Perspective

Revenge? I suppose you could argue that this whole affair its a matter of revenge, but given that it started before the election that no one expected Trump to win, that seems unlikely. 

How about an anticipatory lynching just in case? Seems to have been a lot of that going on at one time. 

Maybe it could be an academic lynching. Lynch ignorant white guy who doesn't have academic cachet?

What about lynch a white guy that wants jobs for poor folk. Maybe thats it. He was just too ignorant to know jobs are supposed to go offshore so our donors can make big profits.

Wait. Maybe its put America first. Lynch him because the white pig forgot America had slaves. America needs to be punished.

What about lynch him because poor folk said they want jobs for Americans first, not illegal immigrants. That's not our policy. We are cosmopolitan now, everybody gets in. Poor Americans are just poor because they did not work hard like me.

Maybe its wars. Lynch him before he cuts back on wars. Poor folks need jobs. Enlisting gives them something to do with their sorry ass lives.  We'll cook up more wars to keep them busy.

Maybe its them darn Russians. We gotta lynch him before he makes a deal with Putin. That sounds pretty good.

Nah, its gotta be jobs. My experts said the economy won't pick up like that. He'll claim it for himself. Lynch him for that.

I am young and pretty. He is an old fat white guy and loves Big Macs. He doesn't even eat salad. Lynch him for that.