What We Are About And Our NoSpy Policy

Updated May 14, 2020
This site does not use any Google products, does not connect to social media of any kind, and is not hosted in the United States or any Five Eyes country. Today, that looks like we were right with all of the people they suspend, bar from their sites and so on. We do not use analytics and we don't use cookies. If cookies show up, they will be from Cloudflare which the host uses to speed traffic and balance loads. 

If you do not like what is written or posted to our pages, simply do not read what we are posting and writing.
We have a focus on issues of spying and data collection as tools of manipulation and behavior control, which may include long reads. Data collection is not like eavesdropping. Your data is being used like a physical weapon to alter your behavior and that of your children against your will.

Wherever possible, we include numerous links to other discussions and information on a topic. They show that you are not alone in your interest. Many links are from major news organizations, government archives, investigative reports, and the personal experience of others. It is important for you to see how widely a subject is covered and that even news organizations heavily staffed with lawyers and pressured by advertisers cover things up, report serious issues. One challenge with the internet is the fact that there is so much information without any kind of classification or indexing system the information simply gets lost. Think of all of the stuff you have in boxes, storage, a closet, drawers.  Do you even know what is there?  Now multiply what you have stored away by the billions.

News You Can Use
links to DrudgeReport because it is easy for readers to get mainstream US news and political information quickly. Some people suggested when we started 5 years ago DrudgeReport was a conservative site. Today, it looks less likely. For us DrudgeReport's user interface and indexed approach are simply good design. I was involved in a major interface project trying to present hundreds of pages of information that had to be accessible all the time.  After a lot of experimenting, we went back to the tree structure used in Windows because people are used to and it works. But to illustrate the point, here are four sites of more on the web if you want to look for them that also display news sites from all over the world. Think of being in a hurry to scan the news and click on the layouts below to see which of these you think works better than the simple 3 column newspaper layout and indexes Drudge mimics:
News You Can Use tries to provide you with information on the barriers to freedom erected around us all and how to get around them. The founding fathers set up America with freedom in mind and for a long while it worked. But a freedom is like any sport or activity, it can be rigged and people will cheat. That is not a criticism of the cheats, it is a criticism of us. We have always been responsible for protecting our freedom, and when we hand that responsibility to someone else without checking up on what is going on, that is our fault, not theirs. Hopefully we can inspire you to take that responsibility seriously, if not for you, then for your children.

News You Can Use is a service, like delivered pizza. If our pizza tastes terrible, even if our price is good and delivery speedy, we should not expect you to buy it and we should not try to put our competitors out of business, tap your phone and redirect your call when you are ordering from someone else, tell your kids our pizza will give them friendly buddies, or put chemicals in your pizza to make you crave them. It is our job to make it better so you will come back and tell your friends. You don't have to "like" us and rely only on what we say and post, in fact we will have failed you if you do not get interested and start researching the information for yourself. 

Google and social media companies track your usage and mine all of your data, which data is used to manipulate and alter your behavior and that of your children. Theykidhooks claim it is to improve service to you by showing you products and services they think you are interested in. We do not buy that. Since when is a nation exclusively about buying and selling? People are not just bags of bones with wallets to sell stuff to.
News You Can Use hopes you can use the information we cover to control you own future and not be some opportunity for someone to make the next buck.

In fact Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff wrote what should be considered a bible of self defense against spying and manipulation of you and your children.  Its called "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism"  and is available on Amazon for $20.  This link has a 1 hour talk by her explaining what Surveillance Capitalism is.

The billionaire founder of IKEA, wore second hand clothes to set an example for the rest of us. We live in an age in which we are being told robots, artificial intelligence, workers from third world countries, and no borders at all are going to put most of us out of work. Companies lie to us about the safety and benefits of their products. Companies that poison the environment influence regulators to stop us from knowing about the risks their behavior poses to us, and regulators are muzzled. Politicians have operated for so long without oversight or any kind of performance warranty that they no longer believe they have any obligation to us at all. And the news media in a great many cases are so compromised by the need for advertising, sucking up to politicians, with infrastructure trying to mimic television instead of libraries that let us read what we want rather than what they shove at us, they can't function properly.

We do not believe it is in your interest to sustain purchasing behavior that exposes you financially to a situation in which you can not stop working
and are one step away from financial disaster without enough savings to last for a year while you get something better or create your own job.

We are hosted in Iceland because they have privacy and free speech laws that are better than anyone, so far.  They had the balls to throw out the FBI and here, and they were one of the first countries to jail their bankers responsible for their role in the 2008 crash. Certainly no US administration wanted to do anything about it. Obama had the chance