J. Edgar Hoover - The Homosexual Screwing America
for 84 Years and the Zealots Coming In Behind Him

What I Tell My Kids Series
February 07, 2020

It is not OK to single out anyone in a derogatory manner because of their sexual orientation.  This story among other things is a study of the consequences of doing so.

In J. Edgar Hoover's day being a homosexual carried enormous personal baggage, especially for someone in Hoover's position. Although only a guess, the fear of being identified as a homosexual may have driven Hoover to shield his deep seated anxiety about being sexually attracted to men with the creation of one of the most aggressive, and largely illegal domestic spying operations (and here), (and here) created at the time. Hoover essentially became a blackmailer and shakedown artist to protect himself against what today would barely attract notice.

It has been said Hoover's attraction to men might also be the reason why Hoover refused to admit the mafia existed for more than 20 years. If the mob had anything on Hoover, they certainly would use it against him, and there is historical evidence they did (-2-).
The mob is certainly no different than any other criminal organization, and all of them as history shows try to compromise the government and police to protect their cash flows. Drug cartels are a case in point.  If there is a lesson from all of this it is that a person's capabilities that count, and not their sexual orientation.

Racist Homosexual. J Edgar Hoover #1
Racist Homosexual. J Edgar Hoover #2
Racist Homosexual. J Edgar Hoover #3

Hoover abused his position as the head of the FBI to get dirt on anyone in a position to expose him as a homosexual or threaten him in any way. In
doing so Hoover pioneered using the intelligence apparatus under his control to spy on anyone that could threaten him, that he he did not like or that he disagreed with, destroying the lives of those he targeted in the process. The secret processes the FBI and the intelligence agencies operate under today entrenched the tactics and methods Hoover in many respects pioneered and refined, as current revelations of FBI conduct in the run up to the 2016 election show. Comey is only one example of that behavior in the intelligence community.

At the moment the Democrats are celebrating Comey's conduct.  Their celebration exposes the fallacy of political expediency. What everyone, no matter what political stripe, should want to observe carefully is how intelligence agencies corrupt the entire operation of democratic societies with their shakedowns, illegal activities, conspiracy with news agencies to propagandize the nation, and destroy people. These guys are a threat to everyone, not just Republicans, and unless they are reined in, their arrogance, abuse of power, and willingness to lie will undermine the fabric of the nation. Its a matter of remembering who they work for and taking back control of their conduct.

I did not know J. Edgar Hoover, but your aunt and her husband George did. George was a Princeton graduated accountant seconded to the US during the second world war. He was also a capable businessman and built up a restaurant chain of over 100 steak restaurants, numerous pizza restaurants and Orange Julius type locations worth $62,000,000 in 1960 dollars around the time of his premature death, or half a billion dollars in today's equivalent. George
said he and Hoover were long time friends and that Hoover asked him to buy two horse racing tracks he acquired to help Hoover. One track was in Freehold, New Jersey and the other was in Bowie, Maryland just outside the DC beltway.

George never said what the help Hoover needed was, but it may have been simply providing a safe haven to go and place a bet, have dinner and so on.  There was never a suggestion of anything improper.  Moreover, I was at lunch with George one day when he was getting quotes from a salesman for a fork lift and they were debating propane versus electric. I spoke up and said propane, thinking it was to clear horse manure out the barns, which were well ventilated.  It was actually to move the money from the betting windows. That was the first time in my life I learned money could be a materials handing problem! Buying the tracks was not a burden on George.

I was working at the time providing training to life insurance companies and was challenged to find ways to help trainees make long term behavior changes. Compared to programs like Weight Watchers and AA, it appeared to me that the military is one of the greatest behavior change organizations in the world and I wanted to know how they did it. George called Hoover on my behalf to see if he could provide insight into the processes they used and Hoover gave him reams of documents to send to me that explained the processes used as well as future programs being worked on. Simply put military and intelligence agencies have been working on ways to change and control behavior for many years, both for recruits and for the public at large. The record shows they are not constrained by any moral code, lives lost or damage they do to society, domestic or foreign.

"Purpose of counter-intelligence action is to disrupt and it is immaterial whether facts exist to substantiate the charge. If facts are present it aids in the success of the proposal but the Bureau feels … that disruption can be accomplished without facts to back it up."  - J. Edgar Hoover

When I began using the information from the material Hoover provided it worked better than I could have imagined. In reporting back to George about the results I was seeing George asked a simple question "Do I want to give this knowledge away to the insurance companies I provided training for?" and I said no. George told me to quit what I was doing immediately and come to work with him, which I did. One of the keys to behavior change in certain settings is simply changing it, no permission required. Think boot camp or how we bring up our young children.

Out of curiosity one day while visiting one of the tracks I asked your aunt about Hoover and Colson, who she knew. Your aunt told me she could tell Hoover and Colson were a gay couple from the private time they spent together. She has a unique perspective on the issue given that her first husband turned out to be gay. I cannot say what lead to their marriage breakdown, although his coming out as gay during the fear of aids era
may have been part of it.

Below, George and your aunt on the Taurus (shown below before it was refitted and I believe extended when she redesigned it.) Not sure where the photos were taken.

george on board the Taurus