There are some people that would have you believe that simply cutting the balls off man "A" and attaching them to a woman "B" and of course a boob swap from "B" to "A" will create a complete gender swap. That then leads to ideas that now that the balls have changed owners, former men should compete with women, and former women should compete with men, or change bathrooms.

(Wikipedia Anatomy description)

Martina NavratilovaThe reality is the swaps do not change A into B and vice versa, no matter how much those with an agenda try to ram the idea down anyone's throats or try to bully someone into denying what they see with their own eyes. Tennis great Martina Navratilova pointed out the obvious that allowing men to compete with women was completely unfair.  When she stepped into that minefield she was soundly criticized. She was also removed from the board of Athlete Ally for stating the obvious. She is not alone and the simple observable differences between the sexes will eventually overcome the hysterics and anger people compelled to change are exhibiting. As a parent, you only have to watch a teen girls soccer game in which the boys disowning their testicles are out gunning the girls. I have on numerous occasions.

Its important to let people be the persons they want to be and try to accommodate everyone, understanding the difficulties and trauma anyone in this situation must face.  At the same time doing so does not mean everyone in society has to cripple themselves to accommodate those that are different. Respect them and their differences, fine.  But it becomes an even greater problem when people with an agenda try to force everyone to conform to their views and deny them the right to think for themselves. Call it castrating minds. 

Being politically correct for no other reason than someone of notice says you should, is the kind of hybrid modification as the image below indicates, no one should want to make.  I think politicians like the demonstrably phony Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau like to lead those charges. No one should ever be afraid to speak up about anything just because someone who has been elevated to a position of being noticed says otherwise. 

A long time ago a famous author named Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story called the "The Emperor's New Clothes" which effectively addresses the problem of going along with something so called leaders of the community come up with to be politically correct or simply to hide the fact that you have no spine, refusing to "believe your lying eyes". Wikipedia sums it up in the paragraph below which does not do justice to the original story which you can read in the next link and only takes a few minutes.

"A vain emperor who cares about nothing except wearing and displaying clothes hires two weavers who promise him they will make him the best suit of clothes. The weavers are con-men who convince the emperor they are using a fine fabric invisible to anyone who is either unfit for his position or "hopelessly stupid". The con lies in that the weavers are actually only pretending to manufacture the clothes. Thus, no one, not even the emperor nor his ministers can see the alleged "clothes", but they all pretend that they can for fear of appearing unfit for their positions. Finally, the weavers report that the suit is finished and they mime dressing the emperor who then marches in procession before his subjects. The townsfolk uncomfortably go along with the pretense, not wanting to appear unfit for their positions or stupid. Finally, a child in the crowd blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is then taken up by others. The emperor realizes the assertion is true but continues the procession."

There is a great deal of effort expended trying to convince people that the so called leaders of society are to be listened to without question. What is really happening is an effort to undermine the clarity of vision children have before we screw them up. 

It is also another way to attack women.

Read the link describing
José Alberto "Pepe" Mujica Cordano, the 40th President of Uruguay see what I mean. José Mujica Cordano Points out simplicity and clarity of vision are more important than anything else. One of the greatest scientists of our age and a Nobel prize winner has this to say about it:

"Have no respect whatsoever for authority; forget who said it and instead look what he starts with, where he ends up, and ask yourself, "Is it reasonable? "This is not a new idea; this is the idea of the age of reason. This is the philosophy that guided the men who made the democracy that we live under.  - Richard P. Feynman

Richard Feynman

Those in Positions of Power and Influence Must Think People Are Gullible, Stupid or Both

To understand how those in positions to influence us think they can bamboozle us into seeing things their way and get away with it, here is the Pope trying to tell us all the child molesting and nun banging priests in their midst are not responsible for their actions because the devil made them do it. Yeah sure. 

Whether ANYONE agrees with it or not, (possible correction, let religious scholars sort it out) the Catholic Church condemns homosexuality. The Catholic Church also suggests it is the representative of God on earth, a pretty bold claim for hypocrites who go to extraordinary lengths to hide the degree to which the church all the way up to the Vatican is awash in the homosexual activity they claim their view of the Bible says God condemns. Clearly the church has a problem sucking and blowing at the same time (or perhaps not) so their solution is to do what every other group of thugs, liars and connivers do, which is cloak the mess in secrecy. 

And don't waste your time whining about criticizing the church. They did it to themselves, as the evidence that keeps piling up shows. The Church has been hiding abuse of their flock for years.  The Church used spreadsheets and specific tactics and policies in place to do so and bankrupt parishes so it did not have to pay reparations.  They lied and denied until there were people that were not imbued with the magic sauce who actually put them under a microscope. Maybe the prosecutors are really angels from God?

So at this point you have to conclude either the church is a crock, or the devil is an accountant, homosexual, fornicator, pedophile, and real estate protector, and the poor little gay priests are all victims.  Feel better now?

By now not one person in a country with any level of press should be unaware of how politicians, government agencies, the courts, lawyers, the so called intelligence community and anyone else up to no good uses the cloak of secrecy to hide their criminal acts, bullshit or whatever else they do not want the public to find out about.

“There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy.” - Joseph Pulitzer

Since foisting deceptions on us may have started with religion, how about the Mormon's Emperors New Clothes story.
Their guy, Joseph Smith is one of the first guys claiming Godlike status that was capable of being fully investigated by the media back in the days when reporters actually meant something and cared to dig up facts. I can't imagine what would happen to Jesus and Mary today if they were born into this toxic atmosphere claiming no sex pregnancy, son of God and so on.  Jesus would have to raise a lot of dead people and feed half of Bangladesh with a single fish, all on camera to get any kind of a break. Can you imagine if Jesus said he thought Trump had some good ideas. The intelligence community would have to arrange to kill him like MLK.

These newspapers reported Joseph Smith and his father were regarded as con men and people of seriously questionable moral character (See the Mormon Delusion down the page and links).
Joseph Smith followed around a traveling water diviner and treasure seeker (snake oil salesman with sticks to keep the load light for quick escapes) who hustled people for $3 to find them a well or look for buried treasure on their property. When the diviner fleeced all the suckers in town he left. Joseph Smith liked what he was doing and studied it closely so he could do it himself. In the movie "The Sting" they called ripping people off grifting. Joseph Smith ended up criminally charged for his actions and was sued by a number of people that included his future father in law whose daughter Emma he eloped with. Smith was charged with "glass gazing."

Joe and the hat trickSmith spun a tale about golden plates he was divinely guided to find but no one else could look at or they would die. (See the Rural Repository newspaper Vol. XIX., Hudson, N. Y., November 5, 1842, No. 11.) Smith claimed to interpret the messages on the plates by putting some magic rocks in his hat and burying his face in his hat, and then
at some point later the plates flew back up to heaven. WTF! So when his face was in his hat he became divinely inspired? I wonder if he buried his face in a horse's ass he could talk to animals like Doctor Doolittle? Seer stone

In any case, he was run out of town eventually and finally shot dead. Reading through LDS documents you see their modern day Joe Smith proteges protect the cash cow at all costs by putting a spin on the arrest background attributing Smith's problems to an errant youth and that he eventually woke up and straightened out. 
Golden Plates Model
The images to the right show the Church's official image of Smith's seer stone, the magic stone that went into his hat he buried his face in, and the next image is a mock up of the golden plates from the Church along with a picture of a vintage metal arch file from the same period used to file papers I found on the web. I guess God shopped at a stationery supply store to make a file to hold all those plates.

Now here are a few more things of great interest. One is the fact that it came upon Smith that he should have multiple wives apparently starting with a young girl he took a liking to, even if they were married to someone else. It sounds like Warren Jeffs, another Mormon
who is doing life plus twenty in a federal penitentiary for child sexual assault, took his cues from Smith. So Smith cooked up a scheme to take these women and make them his wives and of course if anyone objected they would be banished. 

Secondly, people of color were prevented from achieving the highest levels in the Mormon Church and interracial marriage was discouraged. They only relented and found God again after 182 years when they were facing fines or jail terms.  At that point the Joe Smith wannabees got together and cooked up a divine revelation to avoid fines, jail or both. Sound familiar? Since when does God back off from his teachings to appease a bunch of crude heathens claiming authority? Jesus was nailed to a cross because he would not do so. I guess business decisions use a different set of criteria.  Integrity, faith and belief are not included.

The church leaders also try to prevent their "flock" from reading anything that counters the nonsense they crank out.  Flock being an appropriate description of followers who cannot ever think for themselves.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are three examples of getting "flocked" by religious leaders:

The Joe Smith flock over (wonder how he could tell them apart in the dark):
Joseph "The Grifter" Smith Collection

The Warren Jeffs flock off (at least Jeffs solved the problem of trysts in the dark.  I wonder if the blouses glow in the dark):
Jeff's Collection

And finally Mitt's flock (nice tops Mitt.  Wow checks and paisley!)  Somehow there seems to be a pattern of conformity here.
Romney Collection

When the GOP was trying to kill off Trump they thought it appropriate to talk about the possibility that he might have a small penis because he has small hands. Could it possibly be Joe Smith the conman had small hands and so of course he would want to ban black men from being prominent in his magic church just in case the rumors were true and a bunch of big handed studs, I mean church members of a lower class got in among all those gullible Mormon women who did not mind being in a long lineup to get into the sack at night. After all, if the myths are true, black men have really big hands and could easily handle all 10, 20 or 30 of their wives non stop, with the only problem being their scheduling, stamina or both. Myth has it they also like big butts, so no one would be left out. Remember Viagra also was not invented yet, putting the gold plate thumpers at a disadvantage and I am not sure if worn down hands grow back like a beaver's teeth. Word is at one time Dennis Rodman would have been up for it along with half of the NBA

Self Declaration of Being

Since we seem to be moving the direction of being able to declare ourselves to be whatever we want, I had a tough choice between deciding if I wanted to be an "alien from outer space" since they could go wherever they want without passports or ID, or a corporation.  I decided on a corporation because as a corporation I can steal everything any country has to offer, screw the public with products and services they don't need, and pay as little as I can to employees and fire them as soon as I can get a Mexican to work for less.  As a corporation I can ditch the country I was born in and move to any country I want where I can pay workers there even less, until I can replace the whole worthless bunch with robots that I never have to pay again.  I can bribe enough politicians that I will never have to pay taxes again and hide my money in a tax haven.  I can also screw up the environment and no one will do anything about it because I have rigged the laws and the courts to protect my conduct. My family and I and the big investors I like can live in gated communities and we will never have to breathe the same air as the Riff Raff I am forced to hire until I can get rid of them and replace them with robots.  And the politicians I have paid off will make sure the military and police protect me and keep me out of the reach of the patriots and other suckers who spot my BS.

Wow, is that heaven?

Respecting Different Abilities

There is no question that anyone that is different needs our respect and support.  But knocking out an eye in people with both, or cutting off a limb to be inclusive with those that may not have the use of all of their own is not helping anyone. Sending gender hybrids into bathrooms with people of the opposite birth gender or allowing hybrid anything to complete in sports in which gender differences can make a difference are simply dumb ideas, as is cutting off a limb to be inclusive. Far smarter is to create facilities for people that may need them, or adapt the use of generic facilities to be multi sex.

Since there are some that are compelled to abandon the idea of being a woman or a man, there should be no problem creating a class of hybrid genders that are in their own category like a Toyota Prius.  That way none of our children need ever be confused about who they are and let those that change claim their own unique status.  There will come a day with genetic modification and sophisticated technology an entirely new type of human will be upon us.  Should the simpler form of biological beings be compared with those who are genetically or mechanically enhanced?  A fuss is certainly made about athletes that use performance enhancing drugs because of the advantages they may provide, so why are we not addressing biological alteration of men and women as a unique situation and recognize that we need new rules to deal with the changes?

In the same way that sports for people with different abilities have been created, enabling them to show off their unique skills, so can there be a class of sports for people that become one of the new class of hybrid beings. There are weight classes in various sports to handle physical differences, as there should be, and until a system of handling the matter of the genetic differences between men and women are resolved, no one should feel compelled to see clothes where the king has none.

Moreover, its about time the idiots that have been temporarily appointed to tell the world what to do need to be held to account, and kowtowing to political correctness, as Hans Christian Anderson artfully pointed out may indicate you have lost your own testes.  I might start looking for them.

An even more exciting possibility is to use the gazillions of dollars the military spends on things like exoskeletons for war to create a real class of transformative people using the technology.  People with disabilities could be the first in line for this transformative technology and would become the future.  That may sound far fetched or expensive, but given how much money is spent killing people based on the lie that we are saving the world for democracy, it is not a stretch at all. Castrating the military industrial complex may in fact be one of the greatest things we can do for humanity.