There are a lot of people on earth. It is clear that we could do with a lot less people or a slower birth rate.  Eventually we will fill the place up and there are not a lot of places to go.  In addition, our capitalism is too predatory to be the tide that raises all boats and creates a system that benefits everyone. While there is an argument that we are generally better off even in our existing capitalistic system, the fact is there is a massive divide between the rich and poor, there is no consensus on a social safety net and how it should be run, the education system is a failure in that we live in a free and supposedly capitalistic system, and yet capitalism, invention and ingenuity are not taught at school. Rather, we are simply taught to be employees, and no one is accountable for results to see how we are doing.

We over consume everything - food, goods, and services and are consumption obese at all levels, yet the capitalist system we live in is completely dependent on never ending over consumption.  Now that the system has completely screwed over the average American and buried them in debt, the game has changed to abandon average Americans and replace them with immigrants of any kind as long as they purchase crap.  Cycle after endless cycle of bullshit and predatory practices. You simply do not matter, but you can and should do something about it.  For the life of me however, I cannot think of what the system would look like if it was rational and needs based. You will have to figure that out.

We are bored and tired from working to consume without purpose and we have allowed the worship of electronic baubles to infect our attention like heroin, an addiction that appears can never be satisfied. For example, watching TV is a completely mindless activity with everyone we watch on TV earning a living performing, while we
eat mindlessly, drinking soft drinks, eating chips and complain about how tired we are while getting fatter. Imagine going to a service station and setting up comfy chairs in the doorway, cheering and clapping as the mechanics service and repair cars. Does that make any sense at all?

While we are so distracted, the people that are supposed to serve us publicly are raping the country of its current and future resources, selling off the nation's capital to their patrons, denying our children their right of use forever. They are stacking the courts with at minimum prejudice against us and at maximum completely corrupt guidance having nothing to do with justice. And they allow a few thousand thugs in the military industrial complex to steal our national identity to start wars throughout the world in our name.

It is such a mess it offers nothing but opportunity for those that are willing to look and work. For example, a story I heard once described two shoe salesmen sent to Africa to sell shoes. One called his boss soon after arriving and said bring me home, no one wears shoes. The other salesman called his boss and said send a thousand pairs, no one has any.

This thing we call democracy, governance, news, schooling, and employment are all broken, with a world economy in the trillions of dollars. Clearly the world needs new shoes. The trick is to ambush the existing system and convert it to our own use. Windows, the computer mouse, the IPhone, IPad, Uber, Airbnb are all examples of that.  And every person alive is armed to the teeth with weapons that impossible to hijack. The only thing that can disable them is propaganda.


The game is onIf you watch sports, you see opposing teams trying to beat each other for a cup, a title and all of the other benefits of playing competitively. The teams and players get better by practicing and playing, especially against highly skilled competitors that are better than them. Competition raises the bar for everyone.  Watch the movie Moneyball to get an inkling of a true story in which individual performance data can be used to develop playing strategies. The importance of data in determining human behavior and performance offers some insight into why the intelligence agencies around the world collecting this data is such a threat.

In the propagandized fantasy we live in we are supposed to be a happy employee, deep in debt, working until our rich bosses can replace us with robots and we get to go home and have some scuzzy politician try to figure out the least amount of money they can give us to shut up and stay at home without working.  And of course convince us that we should not rise up and throw the whole bunch out.

But there is a better way. The entire system is like a game, and we can learn to play it, using the weapons listed above to out game the gamers. 

Like in any game, it is important to learn and understand their strategies and the tools at their disposal.
Marcus Aurelius (loosely the murdered Emperor in Gladiator) said the battle is determined by what stands in the way.

Sun Tzu in the
The Art of War lists many thoughts for defeating an enemy, or a competitor. We are fortunate to live in an age in which the enemy is overconfident and hobbled by the need to spy continuously on us. Their problem is that their spying depends almost entirely on our use of electronics, and those can be shut off, blinded, traded among us to give false readings, and our networks can be undermined.  We can ditch Facebook and Google, and we can search and connect though foreign non aligned states. We can collaborate in teams on the sly, off grid and deliberately and continuously input false data into the system, for example looking up items we have no interest in, by subscribing to feeds that falsify our interests, and we can script and run completely false communications in massive volumes that have no basis in our reality, but are plausible. We can turn our electronics into massive disinformation systems and infect and poison the entire infrastructure they use to monitor us.  The more they apply algorithms to legitimize the data, the more we can screw it up. We should use  cash wherever possible and ditch all forms of loyalty systems. What is a little inconvenience when surrounded by an enemy in our own ranks that is provably set to destroy us?Breaching the economic engine

And their greatest inherent weakness is in the economic system itself because it requires active participation by us. Break that link and you can pretty much undermine any aspect of the system to benefit yourself. Watch the video in the link until you get what that means.

Israelis are one of the smartest and most organized groups in the world, and they are doing three things that tell you what tactics are useful against conduct like you see going on in America. 
  1. They are doing everything possible to stop you managing your wallet as a weapon.
  2. They are trying to stifle free speech in America.
  3. They are trying to eliminate proof that they are abusing Palestinians. 
If these things did not work Israel would not spend 5 minutes on them. They work and damage the most important thing to a capitalist, their wallets. So Game On is simply understanding how things work and using active measures to change them to your own advantage. 

Rather than live in fear and hopelessness waiting for some superhero god to rescue you, look in the mirror to see one. I do not set foot in church, but here is an interesting saying:

"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith."