Orgy of Destruction
Written March 8, 2019. Updated February 24, 2020
Great leaders of the Republic.  I put before you a matter of grave importance.

CNN, like others have declared how profitable 62,984,828 citizens voting for Trump made their spectacles. Of course no leaders of the orgy of propaganda anticipated any candidate mere plebeians sent to the killing floor would win anything. Woe to Rome if those of so little breeding can elect someone to decimate Rome's finest.

So too Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  A liar and deceiver? Dancing like a copae. A name referencing Rome's once rival.  A challenge to order to be sure. What must be done? 

Do we not all know citizens are too uneducated and
deplorable to be pick the direction for the great Republic? They must be taught to keep their place in the order of things. Surely, without a campaign of lies by the barbarous Rus, would the masses ever advance a fool like Trump, or Ocasio-Cortez, a woman of opposite demeanor but possessing great guile and a mouth smoother than oil and who would share our wealth with commoners, to a position of power within the Republic.  The citizens must be convinced at all costs that Rus poisoned their minds and their lots were cast in error!

In the manner of
Ocasio-Cortez, although she be clothed in different robes, her threats to the established order must not be tolerated. The citizens must never come to understand the Republic has been lead for many years by liars and deceivers who have carefully and secretly corrupted the system entirely to serve their own interests. Can we allow a carefully crafted order that yields permanent benefits to us and places of comfort at home and abroad, to be threatened by such undeserving folk? Surely not.

With the onslaught of those not deserving our rank, we must preserve our power and pleasures, while being certain that we are not the cause of our own destruction. Could the stimulation of our loins be that undoing?  Are we not warned that the mere spittle from our mouths or those of our children and members of our immediate family, or a wisp of hair from any of us can be used to find the product of our wanton desires?

And what if a woman saves the deposits of our pleasure to use those in a way we have never considered? Is there no place we are safe to enjoy what we so richly deserve and have earned?  I caution you that those that trim our hair and nails, those that clean our utensils where we dine, and the servants that dispose of our toiletries and those of our children, all have the keys that can unlock our gravest secrets.  And those secrets, should they be exposed, although we may protest mightily and deny completely, at minimum will sow great discord among those closest to us?

Have prophets that have come before us not warned repeatedly that our greatest enemies are those of our own household?
  Who among us can be certain that our own children, upon such discovery once obtained, would not use it against us in the heat of passion for sins they perceive us to have? Once those around us have turned, can we survive it, when our enemies surely surround us.

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And what may I offer you as evidence of the weapons of your self-destruction, which all of us possess and do not protect, and not a knife as one might expect from a traitor.  First a caution on how easily you may be stabbed through your very heart without ever coming upon your assailant, and then a parchment listing the cost of exploiting your undoing using the sharp daggers of discrete DNA testing: