Overlook Abuse
Updated May 11, 2020 - Created April 28, 2020
Good news Daddy. Main stream news says Joe Biden is just really friendly and the kids are not uncomfortable with him hugging, smelling and kissing them while holding them tight around their waists, and peeking under their clothes. Now you can test your own little girls' reactions to that kind of behavior with people every bit as polished as he is at groping little girls, and you probably don't have to go too far from home.  Click the image of the National Sex Offender Public Website below and it will take you to a page where you can put in your home address and find all flavors of sex offenders and child abusers to choose from, with their name and picture, and probably just up the street. Find one that looks appealing like old Joe and take your daughters to his house and ask him to hug, smell, rub and touch your little girls, and bring your phone to snap a few pictures. Tell your little girls this is an important man and they should not object because Daddy wants a favor from the man.  If you have an older daughter you could even drop her off for 15 minutes and see if he tries to stick his fingers in her, and if she says he did, don't believe her, she might be a Republican.  Just pretend he is important.

Child abuse registry

In case you are wondering, touching a person without permission is a crime of battery and repeatedly doing so is a felony and here.  Underage children cannot give their consent Daddy, so you have to give consent for them.  Isn't that great news?

Even better, a few years ago your favorite go to social media site Facebook was hoping to find out if its users might condone pedophilia.  Yippee.  And now that we are moving in the direction of liberalizing groping, sniffing and kissing without permission, with the odd bit of voyeurism peeping down little girls blouses or up girls skirts, lets be really continental like France and throw away rules governing the age of consent for sex with children.

After all, you never know when your daughters might come in contact with someone rich and powerful and his groping and feeling might lead to marriage, putting you on easy street.  If she gets knocked up and he ditches her, what the heck she could be on easy street anyhow, right?

And for those of you that would actually think once and a while and can see past your propagandized hatred of those that don't agree with you, take the time to watch the examples of Biden pawing little girls, smelling and kissing them, looking down their blouses and ask yourself why not let Elmo feel little girls' breasts or peek under their shirts, or the older men on Disney shows smell, kiss and grope the girls on Disney shows and try to tell yourself that kind of behavior is what girls have to grow up believing they have to put up with as women.  If you don't have daughters and granddaughters it may be easier to overlook. 
Instead of just blathering, add a little science to it and go to a shopping mall or crowded church family gathering and repeat Biden's behavior on a bunch of little girls yourself. And if you are afraid to try that pretty much lays the hypocrisy bare.

Attempts to limit the discussion to what happened to Tara Reade are simply a diversion to avoid looking at Biden's lengthy history of groping little girls and his behavior around women smelling their hair and so on. Reade can be easily attacked with a media lynch mob, but Biden's photographically documented behavior with young girls and his family's conduct in his orbit are the real character clues.

Besides the fact that unwanted touching is a crime and people under the age of consent cannot legally give it, Biden's attraction to girls' hair, which he has repeatedly demonstrated, is a medical condition in which a person finds head hair as particularly erotic and sexually arousing. Numerous women have all complained about Biden's behavior of one type or another for years, and his son Hunter's treatment of women while hiding behind the the protection of and benefiting from his father's position, raises a serious question about the character of them both.

Hunter Biden got Lunden Roberts pregnant and then tried to deny his child was his until DNA proved he was a total liar, and then he refused to provide financial records for all of the money he grifted out of Joe Biden's contacts while in office, so he would pay as little as possible for taking care of his child.  His father Joe and his step mother apparently have not acknowledged they have another grandchild, and the fact that Hunter screwed his brother's wife after he died says a lot about the family. Hornier than a 3 peckered owl comes to mind.

I thought of a hidden camera test to prove people would object to a well dressed man
hugging, smelling, rubbing and touching little girls and peeking under little girls clothing in a mall, but then if CNN did the test they would stack the results by announcing it in the media, putting up large banners in the mall saying Santa Clause is here, every little girl gets a free cell phone, clothing and gift cards, while moms and dads each get $100 blah blah.  If Republicans did it the campaign would immediately be attacked as a put on.  In fact in this partisan climate no one could win and the little girls would be abused for a cell phone or cash, shades of Jeffrey Epstein.  I guess you could interview some perverts from the National Sex Offender database to see if any of them admit they are guilty, and if so ask them to explain how they groomed and abused kids to find a pattern.

Another thought was to go back to the swimming pool Biden was a lifeguard at saying "He Learned About Black People by Working as a Pool Lifeguard."
Given his rather odd interview about kids rubbing his legs and the hair standing up straight, I wonder if that was a cover for a perverted lifeguard getting little girls rubbing his hairy legs up to his crotch where the longest hair might stand straight up.  Be a real problem if some of those little girls had a different recollection of rubbing his "legs." When they are not wet, did they lick them with their tongue? Did he get to rub their hairs too to see if they stand up or did he first have to peek under their bathing suits to find some that would? That is one area I would be looking into.

The best part however would be to see the DNC spinning it so Biden could continue. Someone like Carville could come up with a message like "A Pedo is still better than POTUS."  Catchy.

Why have a
National Sex Offender Registry at all if we are ok with overlooking mistreatment of women?  When do we finally draw the line on it?

For Immigrants Only: Observe How Nations Are Destroyed by Corrupt Leaders And The Wealthy

If you are one of the unfortunate people forced out of your home and homeland and have had to make a perilous journey to leave it, start studying the behavior of certain powerful people in government in America and their treatment of plain folks to get some idea of the type of governance the United States, corrupt corporations, the wealthy and a completely corrupt media are moving America to and you will understand what happened to the country you fled. Many of these people have repeatedly voted to destroy the jobs and future of average people so that their corporate donors can reduce wages to as little as possible make a profit. Those in power are willing to do it to people whose families have been here for generations, so to them you are simply suckers in a play to continually reduce the earnings of average citizens so they are easier to control.  I am sure many of you understand what that is like.

They are also the same people that would take away the American people's right to be armed, which the founders of America intended its citizens should have not only to defend themselves from people who would rob them, kill them, and rape and murder their children, like those of you coming from Mexico among other nations with a serious problem with cartels, and the police and governments the cartels have paid off.  America's founders also intended that its citizens have the right to remove the government by force if necessary if it becomes so corrupt that it no longer represents the people, which happened with cartel infiltration of the police and courts in your country, and the government in places like Cuba and China.  You may not have been able to take back your own country right now, but you should make sure that anyone you know understands why the original design of America's constitution and the people that defend it are more important than those that would undermine the nation to get elected and tell you how to live while making sure you can do nothing about it if you don't like what they do.  If you can vote you need to make sure people who support America's constitution and will fight corruption in America's top policing agencies as well as American companies who would cheat citizens of their jobs and decent pay to make a profit are elected. You may not like a lot of what goes on around you, but it would be far better to be surrounded by people who can fight for the nation you are in than people who would stand by and do nothing about it.  Best regards.