Biden Campaign Rejects Comey Endorsement? - Not Likely

March 04, 2020

There were a number of articles touting James Comey endorsing Joe Biden and that Andrew Bates of the Biden campaign rejected the offer.  The rejection did not last long however. Joe Biden is well aware of the huge mistake Andrew Bates almost made.

Although Comey has been disgraced among a part of the population that took the time to pay attention to what was going on, Joe Biden knows how the FBI and the intelligence community work.  Biden was right in the thick of the corrupt manipulation done by the Obama White House, Loretta Lynch et al. to spy on people they considered enemies of their policies long before and well after to bring down Trump. Spy on one, might as well spy on them all eh Barack?
Obama in Cowboy Hat
The average person has no idea what spying is about and how it is used to manipulate people to get them to do and agree to things that are not in their interests.  It is claimed that it is only to gather data that can be used to track bad guys which is a lie.  Obama knew exactly what the Intel agencies were doing and lied about it. Obama knew the spying was a fabrication to get data on defeating Trump to benefit members of the Democratic party and so did Biden. In the movie Django Unchained, the lead white character, Calvin Candie's old head house slave and close friend Stephen was shown to revel in the power he had over the other slaves.  Stephen was as rotten as Candie was and exemplified the derogatory stereotype of an "Uncle Tom" that he was. Spying on others for any reason other than to defend the nation against foreign aggressors is a perversion and lying. Obama proved to be just another lying creep hiding behind his office in the shadows to carry water for a corrupt military industrial complex and to abuse the power of his office to spy on those that would challenge his policies to satisfy some deep seated and perverse insecurity. While in office Obama authorized thousands of drone strikes that killed hundreds of women and children. I suppose if you are a fan you could take comfort in knowing Obama could be just as much of an asshole as some of the other Presidents before him. Biden was the lickspittle that came along for the ride.
Biden saw the damage done to Hillary Clinton when Comey announced the FBI was looking into Clinton's private email server days before the election.  Biden
might forget where he is from time to time, but he is no fool when it comes to spotting a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” like Comey. Biden knows intelligence community can be used to make up dirt on someone, even the flakes the Clinton campaign hired to write up phony dossiers.  "Tall in the Saddle" Comey may have lost his ride, but his old gang is still very much alive.  Not only that, Uncle Tombama could very well be lurking in the plantation sagebrush, waiting to serve his spy masters again.

Ole Joe has enough skeletons in the family closet he is unlikely to want an intelligence agency or the Republicans seriously digging around and digging up dirt on him, his brothers and his boys gang. If only that damn Hunter would keep away from the honky tonks, harlots and white powder dens they might be able to hide out for a while until the posse gives up.

Joe Biden is well aware how even the thinest of lies can be made to appear truthful and scratched at like an open wound until it turns an entire fiction such as the Steele dossier into something believable to people who are looking for any justification to support a view they want to believe.  Even a small wound can take your arm or a leg.

The following is AN ENTIRELY FICTITIOUS account of a meeting between Biden and two FBI Special Agents that for all intent could be real knowing how the FBI works.  Just in case you want to cast the idea too far to the side remember there are a lot of people on both sides of the aisle that are threatened by the FBI and are talking about reining them in. 

Washington is supposed to belong to the politicians who control things, not uppity civil servants who don't know their place in the scheme of things.
Questioning their right to secrecy, rigging FISA, and challenging their intelligence assessments, all threaten to undermine their ability to maim, malign, manipulate and destroy anyone questioning their corrupt authority.

Although the FBI gang might hope Djangobama and Ole Joe might be in their camp, they have to make sure Ole Joe knows he is compromised and who is boss.

Knock on Door
Ole Joe
Hello. Who's there?
Its Special Agent "Shake" and Special Agent "Down" from the FBI Mr. Biden.
Ole Joe
Hi Fellas.  Come on in.  I only have a few minutes as I am running for the Senate and have several meetings coming up.  How can I help you?
Don't you mean you're running for the office of the President Sir?
Ole Joe Yes, that's right sorry. Too many things on my mind these days. Go ahead please.
FBI (Special Agent "Shake" speaking.) Mr Biden, as you know its standard practice for the Bureau to alert people in office or running for office about anything that could damage them politically or compromise them in any way.  There are are multiple files that are open in the Bureau that you should be aware of.  One of the files has to do with your son Hunter's dealings and conduct, another has to do with communications your brother has had with some rather nasty people and government funds and the third, and I don't know how to say this without personal embarrassment Sir, but there are some pictures that are highly unflattering and compromising regarding your dealings with children and your abnormal attraction to hair. Some people in the bureau think you could be credibly accused of being a sexual deviant, among other things.

Ole Joe What!  Who said that?  I will knock their teeth out.  Come on fellas. You know this is all baloney and made up stuff.  Hell you know we got that dossier on Trump made up.  All it took was a little money and you guys to push it.  Anybody can make stuff up. Come on.  Gee whiz.

(Special Agent "Down" speaks) Mr. Biden Sir, we understand your concern and we appreciate the effort your administration made to bring down Trump. But there are many pictures that have surfaced that are compromising and extremely difficult to explain. You understand Sir that the world was a much different place from 3 or 4 years ago, and people look at these things differently now.  We are not here to investigate you at this time but simply alert you to the possibility that there are damaging materials out there.

Ole Joe At this time? You guys aren't kidding.  What can I do about it?

(Special Agent "Shake") Mr. Biden Sir.  Someone did take some pictures related to kids rubbing your hairy legs and sorry to say this Sir, but it looks like you are aroused in some of the pictures.  Now we not saying that was the case, but the optics are quite damaging.

(Special Agent "Down" interrupts)  Not to mention numerous pictures of you smelling people's hair. Being attracted to peoples' hair  is medically described as hair partialism or Trichophilia, a condition in which a person finds head hair as particularly erotic and sexually arousing. Forensic psychologists in the Bureau describe Tricophilia as a form of sexual deviancy.
Have you ever been treated by a medical professional for your obsessive attraction to and arousal by hair as deviant sexual behavior? Are you on any medications that can be associated with suppressing that desire?

Ole Joe
What!  How dare you ask me these questions. Don't you know who I am?  I am the Vice President of the United States for God's Sake.  You can't treat me like this.

(Special Agent "Shake" and Special Agent "Down" speaking in alternates.)  Sir, I suggest you calm down.  You were the Vice President and are no longer.  You are a candidate for President now.  If we do not discuss what we have and what numerous files reveal about you and your your family dealings as well as behaviors that have been widely observed in public Sir, your enemies and foreign powers certainly will.  The Bureau cannot protect you if we are caught by surprises, and accordingly, as you can well understand, President Obama and your administration took liberties with our powers to spy on a domestic campaign that has created a firestorm.  We cannot have that.

Ole Joe
Right.  Right, Sorry fellas, its been a long day. You can be assured and tell the Director that my administration will do everything to protect you as soon as we are elected.  I will also talk to Nancy and Chuck to make sure that your surveillance powers remain intact.  Now lets make sure those files never see the light of day, just like you took care of Hillary's problem.

Thank-you Sir.  We knew we could count on you and the Director asked us to tell you that you will have the Bureau's and the intelligence community's full cooperation.